Menu Plan

Menu Plan: June 17-21

Here’s my menu plan for the couple days remaining until my next shopping trip. Having 4 kids and still working to adjust to the chaos 🙂 is keeping me from being more consistent with the blog. Hoping to get back on track (and on time!) soon.

-Muffins (banana chocolate chip and/or cranberry apple), yogurt
-Egg, bacon, cheese sandwiches, apple slices
-Leftovers (amish baked oatmeal from earlier in week)
-French Toast Casserole

-Peanut Butter and honey sandwiches, banana, yogurt
-lunch at my parents’ house (Sat.)
-lunch at in-laws’ house (Sun.)

-Dinner with my parents (sat.)
-Dinner with my in-laws (Sun.)
-Skillet rice w/ground turkey, corn, salad (dessert: brown sugar biscuit twists!! yum!)
-Hot Dogs, chips, green beans, carrot sticks

Pretty boring menu, but we will be with my family tomorrow and with my in-laws on Sunday, so it’s mostly just today and Monday and Tuesday that need to be planned.


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