House Help: Here and There

I have a great memory to complete my daily and weekly chores. MY problem is remembering the items we do here and there….less than once a week. These I’ve had to make a list of and put in my household binder to keep it within reach and so I run into them on paper whenever I’m in the binder.

Here are a few of the things we do every couple of weeks or once a month:

-Change the furnace filter (yes, the packages say up to 90 days, but our furnace installer said that changing them every 30 days helps them run most efficiently; so that’s what we do…when I remember!)

-Clean out the car (some people do this weekly, but I just can’t seem to do it that often!)

-Sort toys to proper bins(they often get misplaced) and take out the ones used the least to donate (this i try to do every 3 months)

-Give dog heartworm pill (monthly)

-Go through medicine box and get rid of old/expired ones (as needed, not necessarily on a schedule or monthly)

-Dust/Wash Blinds

-Dust Baseboards

-Clean Garbage Cans

-Wash Windows

So, make a list of the items you only do once in a while or only need to be done every few weeks. Make a chart and note each date that you do them; keep the chart handy (on the fridge, in your household binder, with other important papers you look at often) and stick to it! šŸ™‚


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