Motherhood Mania: End of School

The girls’ last day of preschool is tomorrow. I’m excited to have them home for the summer, but this also means I won’t have the 2 1/2 hours of down time each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 🙂 I have enjoyed my one-on-one days with Addy. BUT, this will ALSO mean that we’re a little closer to starting the homeschooling!!

The preschool will not be open next year, so Lily is for sure going to be home with us learning. I’m sad that it’s the end of the church’s preschool, but I think it allows their teacher to find a better-paying job for the summer and next year, which I guess is good for her. And I guess it’s good it happened this year, when there are only 3 families to have to give the bad news of no school to, rather than last year when they had several more families. So, it’s bittersweet really.

They have an end of year program tomorrow, and Arthur is scheduled off of work, so he’ll finally get to be there for a program! 🙂 And of all days, I do NOT want this baby to come tomorrow so I can see the program and enjoy the picnic lunch with the girls, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Baby did come tomorrow and I missed it. 🙂

This year feels like it went by so fast now. I felt like it was dragging for a while, when I was just planning out our homeschooling things. But, now that the end of my pregnancy is here and I have things pretty set for the school year this Fall, I feel like time is flying by.

I am excited to add Teacher to my list of names. 🙂 BUT, I am praying that the Summer goes smoothly and we stay on track for starting when we need to and that my patience lasts. 🙂


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