Motherhood Mania: Paint

I really dislike messes. Really. I don’t know why I have such a hard time letting go to just have fun when we do crafts, but I do. 

Today, I let the girls use paint and stamps to make some pictures for their Dad. Then they stopped with the stamps and just took paintbrushes and “scribbled” all over their papers. Paint was everywhere, and I felt like I was going to explode! 🙂 

It actually wasn’t all over, but I felt like it was. It is all washable, so it came off the table, placemats, and hands very easily. No harm done. I just didn’t enjoy the time during painting. Guess I’ll need to get used to mess, since we’ll be homeschooling. I have all kinds of crafts and projects listed, and I don’t imagine it’ll be spotless while we work on them!

Regardless, the girls had fun. It was for them, so I was ok to grin and bear it and let them enjoy the fun. Iris even told me I was the best mother ever, while she was washing her hands afterward. I asked if she still thought so when she gets in trouble. 

She said, “Yes. And even when you’re old, I’ll still love you.”



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