Menu Plan

Menu Plan: May 17-23

Grocery shopping done!….almost. 🙂 But, I have my list of meals for the week in my head, so I better get them down in a post now before I get busy and forget!

Cold cereal, oranges
Scrambled eggs w/cheese, sausage, toast
Cinnamon Rolls, bananas
English muffins or bagels, strawberries
Pancakes, sausage, oranges
Smoothies (this is new for us – smoothies for breakfast. we’ll see how it goes!)
Coffee Cake – new recipe. I’ll post if we like it. 🙂

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, carrot sticks, apple slices
Ham and Cheese Rollups, strawberries, chips
Grilled Cheese, bananas, carrot sticks
Leftovers (yes, we eat a lot of leftovers…..and we like it!)
Hot dogs, strawberries, chips

Brown Bag Burritos, Corn, Salad
Cheeseburger Meatloaf (another new recipe. will post if good), corn on the cob, zucchini
Crockpot Italian Chicken (new. posting later today), brown rice, green beans
Veggie Lasagna – Meatless Monday (another new one!), peas and carrots
Crockpot BBQ chicken, potatoes, salad
Hot Dogs, black beans and corn
Leftovers or out to eat

Hoping we stick to this list! I have everything on hand for these meals, so I am praying my motivation to plan ahead sticks around and I get the breakfasts completed as planned. 🙂


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