Kitchen Tip of the Week: Bread and Cookies

I don’t know how many people are aware of this “secret”. I learned it from a girlfriend when I was in high school, but other than my friend I had not heard of anyone else doing this.

When you have homemade cookies or brownies in a container and they’ve gotten a bit dry and hard, throw a slice of soft bread in with them and reseal the container. Let it sit for a few hours and voila!…your cookies or brownies will be soft again. The bread will eventually dry out and get hard and crumbly, but the cookies should remain soft for a few extra days.

This is a great way to extend the life of your homemade goodies. We have some snackers around here that don’t always close the cookie container all the way, so my cookies dry out sooner than I’d like. I just throw in a slice of bread, and we can keep the cookies soft for a few more days.

Anyone else have a tip they use to extend the softness of cookies? I know if we microwave a cookie for about 10 seconds, they soften up for a few minutes but it doesn’t last very long.

Oh, and if you and your family don’t use the heel of the bread very often, this is a good way to NOT waste that slice of bread. 🙂


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