Pleasantries of Pregnancy: 36 weeks!!!

I am finally at 36 weeks! So exciting! Today is my checkup, so hopefully they’ll say I’m starting to dilate and baby will come in the next week or two. 🙂

Saturday I had plans to go to brunch with 3 of my friends. When I arrived, I walked in to a surprise baby shower! My family from Indiana was there, as well as Arthur’s family and our friends! It was so nice. After such a crazy week mentally, I was so happy to be with friends and family to celebrate Baby Artie! 🙂

I received tons of clothes for him, all the sizes I hadn’t even bought yet! It was so great. I also received a lot of receiving blankets and bedding and toys and socks for him…..everything I needed!

My girlfriends did a fantastic job with the table decorations, and both my mom and Arthur’s mom took care of renting the place to have the shower. It was so sweet of them to do this for us. It was a huge answer to prayer, as far as the things we had needed or wanted to get the baby. 🙂

Needless to say, it was an awesome brunch! I was so happy my side of the family was able to drive up and be there. My mom, aunt, Grandma, 2 sisters-in-law, cousin, and my baby sister were all there. It wasn’t ALL of my side (as you know, there are many extensions of the Ballah’s in Indiana. lol), but it was nice that at least some of them were there. It was a great day, and I am working on washing the blankets this week so they can all be ready for Artie to come home to.

I had a lot of contractions yesterday, and I was secretly (or not so secretly, because I think I told about 5 people!) hoping to have him yesterday – that would’ve been the best mother’s day present ever. 🙂 But, even though he didn’t arrive, I’m excited to go to my appointment today to see if I’ve gained any weight and if I’m even dilated at all. With all the hoping and wishing to have this baby, I will more than likely not be dilated at all. LOL. Oh well. At least, then, I can enjoy the nice weather we’re going to have for part of this week!


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