lessons in love

Lessons in Love: Learning to Listen

I have found that I jump to conclusions when I hear one of the girls crying or whining. I always assume one of the others has done something to her, and I immediately start accusations. Not good. Because now I’ve noticed Iris has started to do the same thing. She assumes someone meant something bad if she gets bumped or pushed, and she retaliates or yells at Lily and Addy. 😦

I always knew I needed to watch my actions because the kids would pick up on them and mimic them, but now I am REALLY starting to notice it.

For the past 2 mornings, I have been sure to get up by 5:45 like I have been saying I want to consistently do. It’s been nice to get a quiet, relaxed shower and be able to dress and do my makeup without someone whining at me. 🙂 I even had time to change our sheets this morning before the girls awoke. And I didn’t feel rushed to make breakfast because my other tasks were done. The only thing I did not do either morning was my devotions. I keep putting them off until I’m ready for the day, but by then the girls are waking up and then I’ve pushed the devotion time back and don’t get to it. I’m always sure the girls get their devotion time at night, but I know I need to be consistent with my time. It will definitely help with my perspective for the day.

Plus, devotion time daily will probably help with this crazy stress or anxiety I feel lately. I’m pretty sure it’s hormonal right now, as I’m not one to be anxious about things, BUT spending time in the Bible and praying as the first thing I do each day would definitely be a big help.


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