lessons in love

Lessons in Love: Reading

I really like reading with the girls. We’ve been behind in reading daily. We started the Little House series, got half way through the first book and then we kept forgetting or were busy with other things and have not read in several weeks. We’ve been to the library weekly lately, so we’ve been reading those short books together.

Today, though, we finally sat down and read 2 chapters together. Well, Iris and I sat down and read together. Lily and Addy just played around us. It was nice. Iris likes to snuggle when we read, so I really enjoyed that time with her. 🙂

I am excited to do more consistent/daily readings aloud with them in the Fall for school. I have it scheduled in, so we will definitely be on top of it then. I am hoping to do lots of reading in the yard this summer, since we’ll be stuck around the house for a while after the baby is born.


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