lessons in love

Lessons in Love: Expectations of Kids

I really don’t know the proper amount of expectations I should have of my girls. I expect certain behaviors and skills of them, that I think at times may be above their coordination level. Of course, that just leads to frustration for all of us…..and tears. 😦

I expect Iris to help out with emptying garbage cans and getting herself dressed. It’s such a fight almost every week with these things. She will gladly put her dishes in the sink, no problem. But, I just don’t understand why she won’t dress herself or empty the garbage cans into the kitchen can. I know she is capable of doing them, but I am not understanding (or maybe unwilling to understand, since all I do is demand it of her).

Lily is expected to dress herself, with some help allowed for her socks….she struggles a little with those at times. She is also expected to pick up whatever she gets out. She fights me on this daily. The other girls put their stuff away, but Lily just sits there and pouts. It is so frustrating, especially being this far pregnant. I feel like she knows she can push my buttons more because I’m slower and less likely to get down on the floor to talk to her. Such a struggle for me!

Addy has started throwing tantrums about anything and everything….EVERYWHERE. Yesterday, it was at the grocery store. She wanted to walk at the store. I don’t let her EVER because she stumbles often and just is so slow; I don’t like being in the store longer than absolutely necessary. 🙂 So, she cried and whined the whole time she was in the cart. I compromised and let her sit in the big part of the cart and not the baby seat, but that didn’t seem to matter to her. We even ran into one of the girls’ friends at the store and Addy didn’t let up.

I feel like all I do is explode on them every day after they’ve pushed and pushed with their arguing and talking back and whining. I know I am very short-tempered right now due to the pregnancy, but I also feel like they are taking advantage of my physical condition and I’m not sure how to get it to stop. Do I just grin and bear it til the baby gets here and I can do more?? Do I keep the iron fist and keep taking privileges away, even though it doesn’t seem to matter to them?? I feel like when I pray about it, I am just whining to God about being unhappy with it right now and I don’t feel like there’s a solution right now.

Advice is appreciated. What expectations do you have of your little ones?? Or, if your kids are older…what about when they were toddlers/preschoolers? Counting to 10 doesn’t seem to work for me; maybe I’m even doing THAT wrong. 🙂 I just feel like it’s getting worse each day and they don’t seem to notice, like it’s all just in my head or something! lol.


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