Motherhood Mania: Curtains

Thursday night I began my fun task of creating a curtain for the pantry entry. The door on it had been broken several months ago, and I was so tired of looking at it. 🙂 Now that I have the sewing machine, I thought making a curtain for that opening would be great. So, Thursday (while Arthur was visiting his friend and the girls were in bed), I spent a good hour measuring and cutting fabric – from my free fabric box! – to sew into a curtain. I probably could have very easily bought and cut down a fabric shower curtain, but sewing it from scratch seemed so much more satisfying for me. 🙂

I found a navy, almost sheer piece of fabric – not too heavy and not completely sheer that we can see the food in the pantry. Online instructions for this type of project said to measure 75% beyond what the actual opening is. I thought that seemed like a lot, but I did it anyway…since I really have no experience with measurements.

Because it took an hour for me to measure, cut and pin the long sides of the curtain, that’s all I did that night. It was weird for me to put a project away, unfinished. With baking, you complete the project in one day, so that’s what I’m used to – finishing. I was tired, though, so I was also happy to finish for the night.

Yesterday, Arthur worked at church while the girls napped, so I sewed the long sides. I used white for the bobbin thread and a fabric-matching navy for the top thread. I probably should have used navy for both threads, but I wanted to be able to see clearly my stitch line and having the white barely show through on top was good for me. You can’t really see it, unless you’re up close to the curtain, so it worked out fine.

I was able to finish the long side sewing, then lay it out and pin the top and bottom hems, leaving room on top for the curtain to slide onto the tension rod it would hang from. It took me about 1 1/2 hours yesterday to do all the sewing. Arthur helped me hang it when he got home. I’m not totally sure about the navy color, but I love the look of a curtain there…it’s so much more home-y looking. 🙂

I was very pleased with the straightness of my stitches on this one, compared to the stitches on the apron from last week. Hopefully, I can learn more stitching techniques and branch out.

Next project: 2 curtains for the girls’ closet. They have a dresser in the closet now, and I can’t open the drawers all the way with the closet doors on. So, we’re going to take them off and I’ll make 2 curtains that can part, so we can access the whole depth of the drawer. That’s a much bigger opening, and I may need to actually go find a nice fabric to make those curtains. We’ll see, though. Maybe I can do a patchwork-type curtain with the fabrics I have. That will definitely take more time than the small pantry curtain, BUT I’m very excited!!


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