lessons in love

Lessons in Love: Making Time

Yesterday, my friend Erika and her youngest boy stopped by while Iris and Lily and her 2 older boys were in preschool. Her little one played with Addy, and Erika and I chatted. We try to get together once a week while the oldest 4 are in school. It hasn’t worked out with our schedules for the past few weeks, though, which is a bummer. I always look forward to mom chat and a break from my normal household stuff. πŸ™‚

Arthur’s off all this week, so he came home from running while she was here. They got to talking about Todd and Erika’s schedule/plans for last night and it turned out they didn’t have plans and neither of them had to work or had school. So, Arthur invited himself and us over to their house for dinner. πŸ™‚ We decided we’d just make some chicken dishes (because like good moms, we had a semi-menu planned out already in our heads for our families’ dinners. lol!) and set a time. We haven’t been able to get together with all the kids and husbands in a looooong time. I think Erika was pregnant with their youngest and Addy was a baby when we did it last. It was long overdue!!

I ended up making a chicken noodle bake (recipe to come tomorrow on here) and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She made some marinated chicken pieces and a Lipton noodle mix (mmmm…i love those!). It was a chatty dinner, with 10 of us around a table…6 of whom were under 5 years old! πŸ™‚

I always like when we can get together with them, as whole families, especially since it doesn’t work out often….makes the time we do get together even more fun. Some times, we have to MAKE time to be with friends. It’s the only way to keep relationships, when everyone has kids. Our time with them is always enjoyable and the kids always have a blast.

Great night with great friends. I’m glad Arthur came up with it, and I’m glad we all made the time to do it. Who knows when it’ll work out again! πŸ™‚


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