Pleasantries of Pregnancy: Almost Done

I am about ready to have this baby. 🙂

This weekend I went with Arthur to an 8k race he ran in Chicago. It was 80 degrees, and we had to do a bit of walking and standing….two things I’m beginning to despise doing. Arthur did a great job, and I’m really happy I went, BUT my ankles/legs/feet/hips were hating me afterward!

Today, we organized the garage and did some decluttering. My stomach was so tight almost the whole time. I couldn’t hardly bend forward to pick anything up or lift anything. Arthur had to help me up each time I got down on the ground to go through a box.

My tummy is looking very big lately. My OB appointment for 32 weeks is tomorrow. I am REALLY hoping they say I’m measuring bigger than 32 weeks….hoping that maybe I’m further along than they think. HOPING! You know, it’s not an exact thing to throw out a due date….it’s not unheard of that they decide the due date is wrong. I think they were wrong on Iris’ due date; she supposedly was born at 36 weeks 3 days BUT I think she was actually closer to 40 weeks.

We’ll see how the appointment goes. And I’m curious to see if my weight gain is still significant this time. I’m feeling massive today.


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