Motherhood Mania: Sewing

I finally have a sewing machine!!! Out of desperation, I posted an ad on Craigslist in the Wanted category of the For Sale section. I put that I was looking for a newer model sewing machine or canning jars/equipment and in exchange I could offer help with couponing, organization, or I could make baked goods. I didn’t think anyone would reply (or, if they did, it’d be a bunch of weirdos), but I had 2 replies. The first woman asked if I did housecleaning; I replied that I would definitely be willing to clean a home for a sewing machine but that I was too far pregnant to be that physically active. I was bummed because cleaning is one of the things I am BEST at! πŸ™‚

The second woman lives here in Palatine and mentioned having a 10 year old Kenmore sewing machine she wanted to get rid of and that she was looking for help with getting into couponing. I was stoked! We talked by email for a day or two and were both (apparently) very eager to make the trade. That was on Monday, and we met yesterday here at our house to exchange my info for her machine! She is very nice and has little kids the same age as Iris and Lily, so we had plenty in common with regards to shopping habits and food preferences. She stayed for about an hour, while we talked about coupons; I gave her 8 pages of info I had typed up, and she seemed pretty satisfied. I even asked if she felt that it was an even trade, and she said Yes. πŸ™‚ I didn’t bother looking at the machine while she was here; she didn’t remember all the steps to using it and didn’t have the manual, so I had to find it online.

I spent about 20 minutes after she left looking for the manual; I found it and skimmed it to see what parts, if any, I’d need to buy. She had most everything in there – just missing needles and the satin stitch foot. Easy fix! Needles are just a couple dollars and the foot is about $10 or so. After naps yesterday, we went to the craft store and bought a package of needles, some durable thread, and pins. I came home and taught myself how to thread the machine just before dinner.

After the girls were in bed, Arthur went for a run, so I started working on sewing. I became extremely frustrated when it would not start, thinking “Oh no, she gave me an unusable machine!” Then I re-read the instructions and found out I had skipped a step because I was in such a rush to get started. πŸ™‚ Of course, that’s me….in a rush. Sewing, I have learned, is a slower process than the crafts I’m used to – some sew projects take more than a day. That will be something to get used to, not finishing it all in one day.

I just practiced a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch last night. Fun! Arthur seemed happy that I found something to get excited over. πŸ™‚ I finally have a (sort of) hobby!

This morning I searched online to find patterns for simple things that beginners could do. I found one for a One Yard Apron. I went to my giant box of fabric (see? I KNEW I’d be glad I took that free box of fabric!) and found a semi-cute flower patterned fabric and cut the yard I needed. I am in desperate need now for a grid. My cutting skills are awful! Ha!

Anyway, after almost 3 hours, I was able to finish the simple apron, that has a homemade drawstring and 2 pockets. Of course, I was again in a rush to finish, so by the time I got to the pockets I was not measuring very accurately. They are off-center and not level, but they ARE usable, so I’m ok with that on my first apron. πŸ™‚ My hems are atrocious and I would advise everyone to NOT look closely at the stitching. It’s not straight. This sewing hobby will definitely be a gateway to PATIENCE for me….something I am in desperate need of these days.

Now, to find my next project pattern!


One thought on “Motherhood Mania: Sewing

  1. hey, congrats on the new sewing machine and new hobby! i have a machine too, just given to me as a gift a couple of years ago. i haven't been able to do much with it yet, although i have made a pillowcase, some simple curtains, and other patching jobs here and there. i may have some patterns you might be interested in… things that would be too small for my kids now. i'll go through my stuff tomorrow and pull them out and let you know what i find. yay!

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