Pleasantries of Pregnancy: Exhaustion

Exhaustion has set in. The girls have been not sleeping well, due to colds or allergies…which means I’m not sleeping well, either. 😦 That makes for long days, and I am wiped out by dinner time.

I have learned (after several late nights) that I cannot eat sweets after around 8:00 in the evening. Otherwise, I am up at night with stomach cramps and a very upset stomach. Late evening is when I am most “hungry” for sweets, so this has been a challenge. I have found smoothies and bowls of cereals to be decent replacements for the cookies or ice cream I normally eat.

The baby is still so active, all day and all night. Even now, he is poking my side with his feet or elbows.

I have had several nights in a row with strong contractions – just one or two at a time, so I’m not worried but OUCH can they hurt! I need him to stay put for at least 4 more weeks, so I hope those contractions don’t become regular. My next appointment is next Wednesday, the 13th.

Other than that, nothing new. I am out of energy to go anywhere, except for the places I have to – grocery store, preschool, church. πŸ™‚ This weekend we are visiting my parents again, probably the last time before baby arrives. That’ll be fun, but I can feel the exhaustion from the drive already! πŸ™‚


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