Motherhood Mania: Time Away!

So, I had planned to have a Saturday night date with Arthur this past weekend. The girls were all set to stay overnight at my in-laws’ house, and I was preparing for dinner and a movie. Little did I know, Arthur and a friend had been planning for over a month to take me and our friend’s wife on a little overnight getaway! Arthur let me know on Friday night that we were taking the girls to his mom’s house at 9:30 Saturday morning, which I thought was pretty early if we were doing dinner later that night. He told me to go ahead and pack a bag for myself because he had a surprise and we weren’t going to the movies. πŸ™‚ So, that’s all the information he gave me. I packed all of our bags and was surprised to see we were going to Lake Geneva, WI…..I didn’t find out though, until I saw the signs! We stayed at a beautiful hotel with a view of the lake….GORGEOUS! Of course, this was not a room we would normally get if we had the kids – it had a huge tub in the room and a giant bed and came with turn-down service….that was a first for me! πŸ™‚ Everything was amazing there. We laid around for a little while before he said we were heading into town to get lunch and then to another destination for another surprise. We went down to the lobby, I turned around and saw our friends standing there. The wife was just as surprised as I was; her husband did the same thing to her as mine did, and she had no idea we were going to be there, too! It was a great surprise to see them there. We headed to a yummy lunch, then the guys took us to get massages! The massage place was a little questionable (it was an older couple that did massages in their home), but it felt great and I was so glad they planned it.

We dressed up for dinner, which is something we haven’t done in soooo long! Dinner was great, and we had planned to go dancing afterward in town, but by the time we finished eating we were all tired. That’s what happens when we’ve spent the last several years having and raising little ones….we are wiped out by 9:30! πŸ™‚ We all changed into comfy clothes and hung out at the hotel before going to bed.

My 2 favorite things about the weekend were: not having to prepare meals for anyone and getting to sleep in. Ok, so we were all up by 8:30, but that was way more sleep than any of the 4 of us had gotten in years! HAHA. It was a great time, and even though we didn’t do any dancing or staying out late, it was a getaway that both my girlfriend and I needed and it was wonderful that our husbands thought we deserved it. She’s been working on getting her Masters and working full-time and just had a baby 5 months ago! I’ve been busy with my girls and running around like a crazy woman at times to get everything taken care of…and while pregnant.

This was our first night without Addy. Apparently, the girls did fine with Grandma and Grandpa. I could tell my in-laws were tired, though, when we got back to pick up the girls. πŸ™‚ They looked a little worn, but I know they loved having the girls there.

I was pleasantly surprised that our date night was actually a date overnighter. I am so grateful for a husband who thought of such a wonderful surprise. He spared no expense to make sure I had a relaxing and fun time. What a great man he is!


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