Pleasantries of Pregnancy: No News is Good News

It’s been pretty quiet, as far as my pregnancy lately. My sciatic is starting to pinch and make me wince often throughout the day, but I expected it (actually, I expected it to start much sooner than it did) so I walk it out and move on. 🙂

Baby is moving even more…all day, all night! He gets the hiccups often, too. I think all of the girls did, too, from what I remember of each pregnancy. It’s really cute to stop and think about his little baby hiccups. 🙂

At night, it’s getting harder to roll over. I have to wake up to roll from one side to my other side. And when I do, my hips pop. I always say “ouch” out loud, I noticed. I don’t think Arthur hears me, but I must do it 4 or 5 times each night! I still am not regularly getting up to use the bathroom, which surprised me. But, the girls have had colds lately and waking themselves up coughing, so I get up with them and use the bathroom because I know if I get up and walk around then try to just go back to bed THAT is when I’ll need to go. LOL.

Next week is my OB appointment and glucose test. Yuck! I have failed all of my other in-office ones, so I’m not hopeful to pass it. BUT, Arthur’s off for a week, starting Saturday, so if I fail it I hope to be able to go in the next day and do the outpatient 3 hour test and just be done with it, while I have his help with the girls at home. Scheduling my appointments is much harder with kids; it’s not like they want to be in my doctor’s office, and I really don’t have anyone to watch them all during the day (if they’re not in preschool). Oh well. At least it’ll work out if I have to do the 3 hour test.

Only 14 weeks left! I am very excited. I am retaining water and quickly growing out of the maternity clothes, so I am about ready to have this baby. 🙂 I know, I still have at least 10 weeks before it would be a good idea to have him. But, I can’t wait to see his little face!


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