Motherhood Mania: Destined for Greatness

I sold 2 end tables today to a lady that found me on Craigslist. 🙂 Yay! I had priced them at $30 for the both of them (they are pretty solid, in great condition, and pretty wide/tall). She asked to buy them for $20; I caved. 🙂 I’m awful as selling things, but I’m very happy to be rid of them. We used them for about 1 1/2 yrs is all, so they are still in really good condition; I think $30 was fair, but oh well!

I’ve been so busy lately, during the day, that I haven’t kept up with posting each category every day on here. The girls’ swim class is going well on Tuesday nights. Last night, my mother-in-law was able to come watch their lesson. I think the girls are doing well and learning a lot, but that’s just me. I’m biased and think my kids are super smart and the greatest. LOL!

During the day, I’ve been trying not to watch TV and keep busy doing other things. I’ve fallen off the wagon for regular daily cleaning (again!), so I’m trying to get back on track with that. I have the upstairs bathroom cleaned today, as well as the laundry is all done and put away, the groceries are bought, sorted, and put away, and I’ve done other odds and ends to keep on top of things around here! I did my week’s menu plan last night while dinner was cooking, so I’m happy to have that as a reference each night.

Arthur and I have a date night on Saturday! I’m VERY excited. We have free movie coupons that I got through a rebate thing, so the plan is to go see a movie. Maybe dinner, too. Not totally sure, but the girls (yes, all 3 of them!) are staying at my in-laws for the night, so this will be the first overnight without any of them! I’m ecstatic! Total freedom….for one night. 🙂

Arthur has 7 days off starting Saturday, so we’re all very excited to have him home and hang out with for a week! Hopefully I won’t get too off track with chores, which is usually the case on his days off. 🙂


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