Lessons in Love: Help

I’ve been (STILL) thinking about more things we can do as a family (or even by myself) to help others. I keep thinking about my “skills” or talents and how I can use them outside of just our family. I can cook decently, bake, and organize like NO ONE’s business! 🙂

I have thought about teaching new moms or new wives or whomever how to bake/cook and freeze or how to organize their homes to be efficient. Some kind of Proverbs 31 woman-ish goal – running a home effectively, being prepared each day for the chores/tasks/whatever, caring for a husband and children through meals and housework. I really don’t know what all I’m thinking, but I feel like there are SO many women around here that waste money and time on things – outrageous and unplanned grocery trips, prepackaged and unhealthy foods, wasted/spoiled foods, untidy and unorganized homes, chaotic lives because of all the previous.

I just don’t know how to go about it. I suppose I could offer to help a friend, but would that seem insensitive…to offer to a friend to help them organize their homes or offer to teach them good cooking/baking skills to better provide for their families. ??? I might be offended if one of my friends asked ME to be the guinea pig – might sound like they thought I wasn’t doing a good enough job. Right?

And what about charging for the help? Seems wrong to charge people to help them save money, right? I could do it for free (since I am not technically trained or have a degree in anything useful for it), and just use it as a ministry type of thing.

I know Arthur would say to just take it easy and let’s get through having the baby. 🙂 I just feel like I’m wasting away here some days, with this organizational and money-saving knowledge! LOL. So many people are struggling right now with money thanks to our wonderful economy, and they just don’t know some key ways to save on groceries or how to get their house in order, so they don’t waste time and money there. Clutter drives me bananas; maybe it doesn’t drive others nuts. Maybe I’m overthinking this and no one is really in search of help.

I also thought about new moms. There’s SO much to being a mom, and those that don’t have any help? How do they do it? Would they WANT help to organize at home, make healthy meals, plan ahead for meals and groceries? Do they want help so they can enjoy the baby more and not have to be so overwhelmed?

But, I guess I don’t know any new moms, so I have NO IDEA if they even think about these things. And I was blessed to have both my mom and mother-in-law share their advice and expertise when I became a new mother, so I didn’t want for anything, really.

Plus, even if I wanted to start something like this, how would I go about it? There’s not really any new moms at our church. I don’t even know that there’s any organizationally-challenged folks there, either.

Ho-hum. Just some thoughts of mine. Wish I had an outlet for (what I consider to be) my talents. I’ll just keep praying. I know God has SOMETHING He wants me to do; otherwise, I don’t think He’d keep bringing it to mind. While I’m cleaning, I’m thinking, “does every mom/wife do THIS MUCH cleaning each week to stay on top of it?” Does everyone else have a daily cleaning routine to keep from having everything pile up?

That’s all. Glad to get it out of my head. For now.


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