Lessons in Love: Tithing

I just started reading a book called “Tithing: Test Me in This”, that I received through BookSneeze. I love their program of choosing a book to receive, read and review. I get to keep the book (or give it away, as I’ve been doing), and most times I really enjoy the book’s content because I’ve chosen it.

I am only on the first chapter of the book – didn’t get very far trying to read during naps yesterday! Hoping to be encouraged and find some great Scripture to help support my view of tithing.

We tithe; I thought all Christians did. But, I guess not all do. I’m not here to judge because their decision has absolutely nothing to do with me…at all! I just feel very strongly about it, mostly because of how I was raised. I am hoping this book will be encouraging to us, when we have those times where we just don’t feel like tithing. It can be a tough decision, but thankfully Arthur has always made the best decision and tithed, regardless of the bills we have. I really appreciate that about him. He is a great leader for our family in that way. I hope our girls understand why we do it and grow to want to do it once they’re older.


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