Motherhood Mania: Sell, Sell, Sell!

I finally got around to posting a bunch of things (like 12 or so) on Craigslist this morning. I can’t wait to get rid of some of this junk. Arthur hates selling things because you have to wait on people and coordinate pickups and whatnot. I figure, we spent money on these things and didn’t use them THAT long, why not get a little money in return to put toward other things we’ll be in need of later?

I am so ready to start clearing junk out. I go through this phase every couple of months – cleaning out closets and the garage. I tell myself that if we haven’t used it since last winter, we’re most likely NOT going to be using it again. That helps me clear out a lot most of the time.

I went through the girls’ clothes about 2 weeks ago, after clearing out the baby girl clothes. I tried to simplify the wardrobes. They couldn’t possibly need 15 tank tops each! 🙂 We get hand-me-downs and I usually just keep them all. I have to start picking through to keep about a week’s worth of clothes for each season. That’ll help cut back on unneeded and unused items. We just don’t have the storage for it. I give it away to the Children’s Cancer Federation; they come with a truck and pick up almost every Wednesday around here. So, I feel good about giving it away for them to resell and give money to cancer research. At least then I know it’s not just going in the trash.

If I can’t sell these items on Craigslist, I’ll end up just giving them to the cancer truck folks, too.

On another note, I got my dry erase board for the wall…for school! It’s only 2 ft x 3 ft, but that’s perfect for me to write and Iris to follow along. I also got Iris and Lily each a personal marker board for them to hold and write as we go. One side is blank white and the other has the lines for printing. Both sides are dry erase, so that works great for us!! I love reusable things! 🙂

My sister graciously loaned us a TON of classroom items – charts, calendars, other wall hangings, printables, work center ideas, etc. She is amazing! I’ve organized most of it in our little corner of our bedroom where I have started my classroom collection. 🙂 All of my curriculum is in, and I have gone through and mapped out the first 10 days of school. No times for things have been assigned, but I know what worksheets and lessons we’ll be doing. I’m so glad I got to read through it all and coordinate the lesson plans each subject has in their teacher manuals. The first week we’ll be studying Creation, so that’s great. The girls are already familiar with it, but I have so much more to offer for visuals and worksheets and activities than anything we’ve done together before, so hopefully it’ll really reinforce it and help with learning numbers.

I found a lesson planner at Staples the other day…exactly what I was looking for. So, now I just need to (in pencil, of course!) transfer my scribbled notes onto the lesson planner to look more official. 🙂

This summer is going to go by quick, so the more I can organize now the better!


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