Pleasantries of Pregnancy: Beginning of the End

Exhaustion. My word for the day is exhaustion. I am very certain that my streak of energy is over. 😦 I still have a few weeks until I start the third trimester, but I am utterly exhausted. I was able to clear out some space in the girls’ closet for the baby and downsize all the crazy amounts of girl clothing we have. Soooo glad that’s done! Took me two days.

I have been having daily contractions that are very noticeable. Guess that is my body’s way of saying “slow down”. So, for now, I’ll listen to it. 🙂

God has answered a prayer and is providing baby boy clothes through my friend’s sister, who had a baby last summer. She is wanting to get rid of the clothes, so she is giving them (FREE) to me! I am so excited. Of course, I want to get something for her as a HUGE thank you. The clothes from her son should hold us over for a bit, and we can just buy them as we go after that. 

Other than going through those clothes and buying a couple boy blankets, I think we’re all set. And I’ll be glad to not have to do much that next few months and be able to relax a little.


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