Motherhood Mania: Activities, Activities

Iris and Lily start swim lessons on Tuesday night. I’m very excited, and I think they are too. They asked a long time ago to take swim lessons, and we are finally in a position to afford them…thanks mostly to the YMCA. The lessons through the Y are cheaper if you’re a member than a non-member, and since we joined during the $0 joiner fee month and had saved up to pay for the year’s membership in full, we are actually getting a really good price for 2 girls in lessons. I’m very happy with it!

We went and bought them good quality swimsuits on Thursday. They are so cute. πŸ™‚ I’d like to get them swim caps for ALL their hair, but I haven’t figured out where to get kid-sized ones yet. We had a hard enough time getting toddler/little girl sized swimsuits (that didn’t have cartoon characters on them and were tugless and had thick sturdy straps….and were one piece), so we’ll see if I can find any. I was surprised that I couldn’t find their size in suits from Speedo, which is what I really wanted. BUT, Speedo doesn’t make them that small apparently. 

Yesterday, we took the girls bowling in the morning. It was so fun. Iris and Lily have gone one time, but it was when Lily was very little and Addy wasn’t even around yet. They didn’t remember it at all. They, of course, were done playing after just 4 turns, but we managed to finish the game. I tend to be very competitive, especially at bowling. My grandma is like that, too; it’s pretty funny that we’re both like that. πŸ™‚ I noticed Iris was really getting into the scores. She kept insisting that she was winning, even though she actually had the lowest score at the end. We used the bumper lane, so of course it wasn’t official at all! lol. We stayed and had hot dogs at the bowling alley, too. The girls really wanted to have lunch there, for some reason. It was a lot of fun, but I couldn’t believe how expensive it was. $30 to bowl! I think next time, we’ll just have Addy share my turn and only pay for 4 people. Although, Addy did bowl her turn every time, even helping me carry the ball up to the line and push it. She never got tired of it. πŸ™‚

They girls took really great naps after lunch, so we took them to the Y to run out some more energy in the indoor playground. Arthur and I really got into that, too. I usually just walk around and watch them, but I started running with Addy and chasing her and playing catch with Lily and another little girl. I was soo tired but the time we left – and we were only there an hour!! 

Baths and bed came very shortly after that. My hips were screaming and I didn’t even want to get up off the couch to go to my bed. 

Today will be low-key, for sure. Arthur’s working, so the girls and I are lazy today. I do have to start going through my girl baby clothes to get rid of all things pink :), but other than that we’re just hanging out and watching movies. 

I love family fun days, but I really start to feel old the day after!!


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