Motherhood Mania: Up The Nose

Children are so fascinating. Sometimes. 🙂

Over the last week or so, Addy has become picky during dinner time. Just dinner, though. She has been refusing meats of all kind and most vegetables, only wanting breads and fruits. I’ve been giving in some nights because it’s just not worth the fight. Last night, I chose to fight her on it and told her she had to eat her chicken or she would not get another piece of bread. I took my eyes off of her for a few minutes to talk to Arthur and the girls about the day’s events. Addy started saying “nose” and pointing to her very red nostril. I couldn’t figure out why she had decided to practice pointing out her body parts right then, until I realized she was pointing UP her nose not AT her nose. I was not sure what she could have put up there. The chicken was not small enough to push up there. Then, I saw she still had green beans on her plate….that were broken open with the little bean seeds strewn about. She put a bean seed up her nose!

Arthur went and got the tweezers, while I got the nasal suction thing. We pinned her down on the couch and worked out the bean. Of course, it was covered in snot and came out in more than the one piece it went in as. Lovely.

I should have know she would try this. Last week, she put a raisin right inside her nose. The majority of it was still hanging out, but she was so proud that she got a raisin to hang from her nose. She clapped and cheered for herself. What a nut! 🙂

I remember my mom’s story about my older brother sticking something up his nose but not telling her for some time. The doctor had to remove it, and he kept all the things he pulled from kids’ noses….like trophies. Kids can be so weird sometimes. It’s scary at first, but I’m glad we can usually laugh about it shortly after!



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