Motherhood Mania: Middle Child Syndrome?

Lily has got something going on. I’m not sure what, but she definitely wants to test her limits this week…and the past few weeks.

We enjoyed a nice Valentine’s party at preschool with Iris and Lily today, but Lily was very uncooperative with picking up, getting her coat on, washing her hands, etc. I used the same techniques to get her to cooperate as I do at home, but it was very obviously not working. Miss Amy even tried to help her get her coat on, with a lighter tone, and still nothing. I counted. I pulled her aside to explain her punishment when we got home. I tried to stay calm. I made eye contact. Nothing. 

She just doesn’t seem to care if she’s disciplined. She’ll cry for a few seconds about not getting a toy or losing a privilege, but then she’s over it and on to disobeying again. She’s lost out on snacks, treats, TV, playtime with her sisters and still doesn’t seem affected. 

I don’t know if this is the “middle child” thing they talk about, but she either really needs some attention or just wants to find out how far she can push it. She must have had 4 timeouts yesterday, lost TV time, lost snack, and lost out on story time before bed and still today she’s back at it. 

Hoping this phase or interest in being naughty is over soon. The other 2 are losing out on time playing because we’re dealing with Lily’s fits. 😦


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