Pleasantries of Pregnancy: Baby Artie

I am 24 weeks and 2 days pregnant with Baby Artie. I still have a TON of energy; I don’t remember being this energetic at this stage of the other 3 pregnancies. Maybe it’s because during those other ones I didn’t have as much to keep up with and now my body has just adjusted to the energy needs. Who knows. Regardless, I’m very happy that my exhausted days are few and far between. 

He is moving a lot and all the time. Even at this moment, with the laptop on my belly, he is kicking it. 🙂 I can’t describe the awesomeness of feeling a baby move inside you. It is so incredible to know it’s a living thing that will soon be outside and in my arms. So amazing! Just makes me more secure in my belief in God. How someone can find life’s beginning just a random group of coincidences is beyond me. Makes so much more sense that a Creator designed it that way and brought everything together just so to form a beautiful, tiny person.

My hips are actually really sore today. We went for a walk for almost an hour outside yesterday; I think I overdid it. I haven’t walked that long in a while, so I’m not used to it. When I woke up at 5:30 this morning to help Lily in the bathroom, I noticed my left hip felt like it was going to give out. I sleep on my right side most of the night, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not. And my right femur was in pain….my actual bone. It was weird. Probably just my joints moving or hips expanding or whatever making my bones ache. But, it went away after I laid back down and switched to my left side.

I go for my glucose test in March. I have failed every single in-office test and always end up having to do the 3 hour test. Boo! I’m really hoping I pass this one…..I dislike very much not being able to eat all morning and sitting around in the hospital lobby for 3 hours! 

I still haven’t bought any baby boy clothes. I check Craigslist from time to time to see if anyone’s getting rid of boy clothes, but there hasn’t been much for newborn boy clothes. Guess I’ll actually have to break down and buy some….on sale or clearance of course. LOL!

I have heartburn almost daily but it’s not terribly painful. Tums usually work for me. Arthur’s heartburn has increased and he’s onto Zantac now. Hmmm….which one of us is pregnant? 🙂

I am very excited about the baby and June 4th can’t get here fast enough! I’m ready to start this being a mother of a boy thing! 


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