Motherhood Mania: Poo Dilemna

I just do NOT understand the attraction of children to poo. Seriously. Lily is really pushing my gag reflex control to a whole new level these days.

Saturday she surprised us during nap time with a present on her finger that she found in her underwear. GROSS! Thankfully it was well-contained, except for the finger. She comes out of her room saying, “There’s something on my finger. Look. What is it?” We knew exactly what it was before we even looked. Something about the way she said it…

Today, she does the same except she’s already removed her underwear and tried wiping off her finger, thus getting it on other fingers and under her nails. I almost threw up on her! I mean, really?! It just amazes me that she was not grossed out by it, nor did she care that she reeked of poo!

I was also frustrated that she had been in bed for over an hour and still not fallen asleep. She’s been doing this often the past few weeks, but then she is absolutely wiped out by dinnertime. I’ve tried explaining her exhaustion is the result of no nap, but she continues the next day with fighting the nap. I know she’s not ready to give up naps yet just by the sleepiness she experiences come 5pm! 

It’s a good thing it’s laundry day because I would have HAD to wash her soiled clothes and would definitely not have been happy about having created an extra chore of washing clothes if it were any other day of the week. I suppose I should be happy about that. 

But, all I can think about is having to scrape under her nails with MY nail to clean them. EWWWW! Just so gross. 

She’s sleeping now, but when nap is over we’re definitely going to have a sit down about this one. We went through something similar with Iris but I don’t remember her being this old when she did it; I was thinking Iris was still in diapers when she discovered playing with poo. 

Oh, the joys of motherhood. Cleaning other people’s poo. I read a facebook post once that a nurse friend of mine had put on there about “how many people can say they’ve had to smell their clothes to make sure someone else’s poo didn’t get on there?” I quickly thought, “Well, Mothers probably have to do that more often than they’d like.” Then I was thinking about Arthur and how often he deals with bodily fluids of other people, and I’m pretty sure he’s had to smell or inspect his clothes for poo more than once!

It’s just a bodily function, I know. We all do it. But, seriously….does she really need to SHOW it to me?!…on her finger?!?!?!?


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