Forever Friday

Today started at 12:30 AM this morning for me. Addy woke up crying for no obvious reason and would not go back to sleep. I tried to comfort her by standing by her crib and singing, but she woke up as soon as I left. Arthur had to go in and talk to her; he’s a little more convincing of our need to sleep in the middle of the night. After a few minutes, she went back to sleep. 

I woke up about 20 minutes later from a dream, coughing very hard and unable to stop. It was awful. Coughing while pregnant is awful for 2 reasons – bladder control and stomach muscles. UGH! It took a good hour before I could completely stop and go back to sleep. Then, Lily woke up to use the bathroom at 3:30. She felt very warm, so I took her temperature….102.5. Ugh. Poor girl was burning up. I took her downstairs and laid on the couch with her, while she laid there shirtless and with a wet rag on her head. She was wide awake, not ready to go back to sleep at all. Then my coughing started again. I FINALLY fell asleep a little after 4, but then Arthur’s alarm went off at 4:40 for him to go work out. Lily started talking again, and I was awake…again. Arthur decided to skip working out and lay with Lily, so I could go up and sleep for an hour before we really started the day.

Thankfully, breakfast was all ready and all I had to do was warm up the pancakes in the oven. YES! So glad that was done on Wednesday. Addy slept in this morning, so the rest of us sat down to eat together, and it was an enjoyable meal. I’m really glad we started eating breakfast together every day. Sometimes we’re crabby at that time of the morning, but at least we get to see each other without the TV or toys around and we can talk about our plans for the day. It’s really nice.

Addy is awake now, so I’ll go get her some breakfast. Iris has a playdate during lunch today, so that’ll be a nice break – she’ll be gone and Lily and Addy can sleep LOOOOONG naps. 🙂 Ya, right! Hopefully we can all rest and just be back to normal soon. 

I read a great post this morning from a blogger that’s doing a Homeschool Enrichment Series for 10 days. It’s Day 5 today, and she was writing about I Cor. 13 and how it applies to homeschooling. I read a lot of things I need to put into practice – patience, not pushing my expectations on the girls, have a compassionate heart for them during tough times, not belittling them, etc. Very convicting. I’m glad I read that now, first thing this morning. Gives me a better perspective for the day, even if I am tired and on a short fuse. 

Praying for patience and compassion today. My girls need a little extra of both after a rough week with all the sickies. 🙂


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