Baking = Bliss….most of the time

I don’t know if I’ve made it clear or not…I love to bake. Really. It’s medicinal for me some days. Today, I’m LOVING the bread machine. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Money Saving Mom to put up her Cinnamon Swirl Bread Recipe, and she finally did this week! That recipe is a bread machine recipe, so I was very happy to not put much physical effort into bread making today. HERE is the link to her recipe. It finished up shortly after Lily and Addy went down for naps, so I was able to enjoy a warm slice of it all by myself. 🙂 It wasn’t as sugary as I had thought it would be, so that made it even better. It’s definitely a breakfast-type bread. I can’t wait to toast it tomorrow and butter it! Yum!

After lounging, checking emails, reading people’s Facebook posts and all that other lazy stuff, I decided that since we’re having Pasta tonight I should make French Bread. I haven’t conquered the by-hand version of it, so I figured the bread machine could do the work on it today. I just started that loaf, so in about 2 hours and 40 minutes we should have dinner’s bread!

I am up to date on today’s To Do’s, all except for wiping down the appliances. It’s not a difficult task, but I keep putting it off. My goal is to get it down before dinner, though, so I can be on time with the food prep. 

Iris is still off at her playdate for about another 30 minutes or so. I’m enjoying the quiet for now. 🙂

My sister called me this morning (another of my To Do’s: Call Mindy), and we had a short chat about how ill our families have been. This winter (or just this month, I guess) has been pretty tough on our kiddos. 😦 Hopefully we’re all better soon! I love talking to my sister. Even if it is just about sicknesses, I can be as candid and grouchy and quirky as I want; she apparently still loves me. 🙂

I called and left a message for my elderly friend to explain why we aren’t visiting this week. Hopefully we can see her next week. Lily’s fever was at 100 right before nap, so I gave her a little Motrin just because they always overheat and fevers are up after naptime. Hopefully that held off the fever and she can keep fighting it off. Addy’s fever has been gone for a full 24 hours now, so I’m happy. Now, just hoping Iris doesn’t get it…

Bathrooms are cleaned and swept (first time this week! that’s WAY off schedule for me…I’m blaming the illnesses). I desperately need to dust, vacuum carpets, and mop the kitchen floor. Doubt it will all happen today. I did manage to vacuum up the crumbs in the kitchen and eating area, so I’m halfway there with getting that clean. 

I hear the girls stirring upstairs. Time to snack on more cinnamon bread! I love how pregnancy gives me excuses to snack alone, with others, and pretty much whenever I want! 🙂 


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