Unexpected Motivation

Addy’s fever is gone mostly. She got up to 103.4 yesterday; she was absolutely miserable. I gave her a lukewarm bath, let her walk around in just a diaper, put cool washcloths on her head, alternated with tylenol and motrin but it just wouldn’t go down until almost midnight. Poor baby. We woke up and checked her temperature at 12:30 and it was down to 99, so I assume it had come down some time between 10pm and 12am. She slept very well, and even slept in later than everyone else. 

Iris woke me up at 5:40 to let me know Lily had wet her bed. UGH! Great. Just what I wanted to do first thing in the morning – change sheets and scrub a mattress. Needless to say, our morning was off to a grouchy start. I did manage to get Iris and Lily dressed and hair done before 6, so that was nice. I made scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast for us all to eat together. We also had orange slices – my girls LOVE oranges. I am so thankful they are not picky and eat any fruit or vegetable I serve them. Makes mealtime so nice as far as the preparation. 

I had my OB appointment today. It went well; baby’s heart rate was 164. Guess he was a little hyper this morning. πŸ™‚ Lily and Addy did so great there – of course they had snacks and Gatorade. (Gotta plan ahead with these kids!)

I was reading MoneySavingMom’s blog today and she was talking about having an impromptu freezer cooking day because they were snowed in. It gave me a great idea for this afternoon, since Addy is still on the mend and we can’t really go anywhere – why not do a little cooking ahead, too?! I copied some of the items on her list for tomorrow and Friday’s breakfasts – Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls. 

Iris didn’t really nap, so I let her come down early and help me make the pancakes. We ended up with 21 of them (we MAY have eaten a few!) to freeze. I also started the cinnamon roll dough in the bread machine before we made the pancakes, then we finished filling and rolling the rolls. They are covered and in the fridge, ready to be heated tomorrow for breakfast. They look soooo good! 

I also decided to make pork burritos for dinner (a variation of her “brown bag burritos” on her freezer cooking list). I had pork shoulder ready to cook for tonight. I decided to simmer 2 pounds of it for the past 3 hours. I scored cheap tortillas at the store yesterday, so we’ll fill (hopefully) 20 of them to have for dinner and freeze the rest. Those will be great for Arthur’s lunch because they can just be warmed in the microwave to eat. 

I am contemplating making some homemade granola, too. It was so good the last time I made it, and the girls enjoyed it with yogurt. I might just take it easy now, though, because I still have everyone’s sheets to change and I need to clean up the kitchen floor. It’s starting to look pretty yucky, and it’s only been 5 days since I thoroughly mopped it last. 

Well, I am hoping for a restful night tonight. My nose is so dry, so we’re running a humidifier in our room. That’s my only pregnancy complaint – my nose gets so incredibly dry in the winter and tends to bleed. 😦 Doesn’t hurt, just an annoyance. 

The girls sat down to watch “Tangled”, so I better get some things done while they’re quiet. πŸ™‚ Time to start the rest of the burrito filling, so we can get them in the oven for dinner and ready when Arthur gets here. I have some Spanish Rice (those Lipton packets) to have as a side, and we’ll probably have salad or just some cut up vegetables. 

While this week started kind of crazy with my and Addy’s colds, it’s turning around nicely, since I’ve been able to plan ahead a little with the foods. Hopefully her high fever is gone for good (it was at 100.2 after nap; waiting to see what it does this evening) and we can resume a normal schedule. 



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