Free Flavor Friday with Coffee-Mate

This morning’s get-together was a success! I had 5 ladies that were able to attend. I was hoping for a couple more but between the blizzard/freezing temps and illnesses, some weren’t able to come.

Coffee-Mate provided me with a big kit of items to host the party. I received an apron, a heart-shaped silicone Wilton baking pan, cups and napkins, samples of Nestle instant coffee, samples of powder Coffee-Mate creamer, recipe cards, and a leather recipe binder. They also included coupons for FREE Coffee-Mate creamers.

I put together Valentine bags that included a couple of the instant coffee and creamer samples, a few of the blank Coffee-Mate stamped recipe cards, the coupon for FREE creamer, and a homemade Valentine’s Day decoration that I made.

The ladies all arrived around 9:30 AM and enjoyed coffee and/or tea. One of them having tea put the vanilla caramel creamer in her tea and said it was very good with tea. I tried the Cafe Latte flavor and really enjoyed that. It was my first sample of that flavor. 

We enjoyed some conversation without the kids around (which is always a plus, since we’re all moms and are usually almost always with the kids!). 

I enjoyed hosting, and I hope they all had a great time. I liked having it this close to Valentine’s Day, so I could theme it around that holiday. The homemade decoration I included in each goody bag was 2 candy canes that were baked for a few minutes and then pushed together to form a heart. I strung them on a piece of white ribbon, so they can be hung up for decoration in their houses. 

I would love to host another coffee party…since I’m a HUGE fan of coffee and all the Coffee-Mate flavors!!


2 thoughts on “Free Flavor Friday with Coffee-Mate

  1. Haha! Sorry about my face! It's doesn't look like I'm enjoying to coffee, but I did! I was probably about to reach to catch a kid from falling or something, haha!Party was fun, coffee was GREAT! And the kids are still talking about playing with the girls :)See you soon! Thanks again!~Kathryn

  2. Haha. I noticed the face you were making AFTER I posted it. I forget what you were talking about…I think I just caught you in the middle of describing something (not the coffee, of course. lol). So glad to meet Faith! And super glad the kids got along! Thanks for hanging out!

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