So, the blizzard arrived on Tuesday afternoon and finally left yesterday morning some time. What an amazing storm! I heard some people saw lightening and heard thunder. We just saw snow and heard the wind! I think we got 20 inches or so, and it blew around so much that some spots in the yard have several feet piled up!

We were able to take the girls outside to play for a little bit yesterday afternoon. It was so much fun. Arthur had to shovel a trail through the yard, though, because it was so high and Iris and Lily kept sinking in it while trying to walk on it. Addy had fun, too, but I had to carry her the entire time! Tiring! 🙂

Our neighbors came out, too. The husband went snow-shoeing, so his wife and their baby came in our house to have some hot cocoa with us. It was fun! The girls got to eat their strawberry heart-shaped marshmallows and enjoy a chocolatey snack right before dinner….that’s like a dream for them. 🙂 haha.

I woke up with a scratchy throat this morning, so I’m nervous about that. I have my coffee party tomorrow. Today I am going to clean well, so that my germs aren’t everywhere. PLUS, I have to do some baking for tomorrow….I will be extra safe and wash my hands more often during it. I hope the throat issue is just from the dry air, but we’ll see.

Arthur ended up getting out early on Tuesday because of the snow, but because of the roads he didn’t get home until later than his normal time. He had yesterday off. The roads were closed and completely impassible for the majority of the day.

The snow is absolutely beautiful! I took a lot of pictures of the drifts up on our windows and patio door, as well as photos of the girls playing in it. I’ll eventually put some on here.

I am very tired today, but I’m enjoying not having to go out on the snowy, icy roads. Now, the subzero temps have set in, so we are inside again today. They said overnight last night it was going to be -20 degrees or lower with the wind chill! I am so thankful we didn’t lose power; I know a lot of people in Chicago and some suburbs did. I can’t imagine that with this cold! Hopefully they all have power back today.

Stay warm everyone! For those of you attending, I’ll see you tomorrow for the coffee!!


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