Back on Track

I feel like Jekyll and Hyde on here. One post is about me being grouchy and how things are going wrong. Then I have a post about how great life is. What a struggle! πŸ™‚

I am in a much better mood than earlier. Still exhausted, but I’m slowly getting some energy. I got the rest of my winter/Christmas decorations down, so I can work on putting up some homemade Valentine’s Day decor in time for my Coffee party on Friday! I’m very excited about having the ladies over. Hopefully this crazy blizzard won’t mess it up!

I decided to put our wedding unity candle back up as decoration on the mantle. I had it up a while back but found other things to put up, so I packed it away. I figured it went well with the Valentine’s/Love theme going on this month. πŸ™‚ I also put up some pictures of Arthur and I together. Awww. haha.

I’m on track with the laundry, so I’ll be happy with getting it all done and put away today. I force myself to put it away once it’s folded and not just let it sit in the basket waiting to go upstairs. I find it’s easier to put away one load as it’s finished instead of lugging all the loads up the stairs at once to put away. 

Tonight for dinner, I think I’m going to make a braided pizza loaf. I get to combine 2 of my favorite things – baking bread and making homemade pizza. I’ve never made it before, but it looks delicious, so we’ll hopefully enjoy it!

I still don’t have the menu plan for the rest of the week on paper; it’s all in my head for now. But, I got the TV off finally; I had a weird habit of turning it on when I sit down to eat lunch once the girls are in bed. I turn it on for the noon news initially, but then I end up leaving it on even if I’m no longer watching it. Wasteful. So, it’s off, I’ve had a snack, and I’m feeling much better about today. The snow/blizzard is supposed to start late tomorrow afternoon; I should be able to get all my groceries done and do any running around before that, so we can bunker down tomorrow night. πŸ™‚ Hopefully, I can pick up a couple movies at the library or something to tide us over til we can come out of the house again later in the week!

Off to fold laundry! And I think I’m going to take little steps to do my own version of “homesteading”. I have a chive plant. I can pick up a couple other plants this week and have my own little group of herb plants indoors. I can also work on making bread more often instead of having to buy it. AND, I can make those homemade tortillas I’ve been talking about all weekend. I’m very excited to do that! That will be my first attempt at homemade tortillas.

At some point, I’d also like to have a sewing machine, even just a little one. I think it would make some of the craft ideas we have turn out better, if I could use a sewing machine instead of doing it by hand. But, I don’t have room right now for a whole machine and materials and whatnot, so one thing at a time…


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