Wednesday Already?!

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Where has this week gone?

Well, Monday started my first day using my new and IMPROVED daily to do and cleaning list. I also took the time to map out the meals for the day. I got up early to get a shower and get dressed before cooking (yes, i said COOKING!) everyone breakfast. We were all able to sit down together and have pancakes before Arthur went off to work. It was fabulous! Then, I finished off a list of before and after breakfast “chores” for myself before starting the laundry. I was happy to complete my entire To Do List as well as my Daily Chores List. I even, for the first time in several weeks, completely finished and put away all laundry before going to bed. And we STILL got in bed shortly after 9:30! I was flying high with that accomplishment.

Yesterday I got up early again and showered and dressed. I made breakfast burritos for everyone and we again sat down to breakfast all together. I am loving that! I finished up my chores and we were out the door early to return movies and library books before taking the girls to school. Addy and I did almost all of the grocery shopping needed before picking the girls back up. We ran to the market and CVS quickly before coming home for lunch. Since I had lunch mapped out again, it was a cinch! I was able to get unloaded and all the purchases scanned for NCP while the girls napped! 

Then, Arthur surprised us and came home early (around 2 pm)! We ran to Target for 2 bottles of Jet Dry, Rimmel Mascara and Rimmel trio eyeshadow. I paid just $1.32 for all 4 items! Very exciting. We were also able to get Arthur’s shoes from Christmas (that were too big) exchanged and pick up Baby Artie’s 2 pairs of shoes I ordered that had come in! So cute!

It was a productive second day of the week. We dropped the girls off at my in-laws after dinner and Arthur and I went to a homeschooling fair. It was our first, and I was surprised at the number of people there! I took a lot of helpful information from almost every booth and am excited to really sit down and look it all over!

This morning Arthur was off from work, so I didn’t follow my lists exactly. The girls had cold breakfasts (cereal and pop-tarts), but I sat down with them while they ate. Arthur took out the garbage. We all took Iris to school this morning and then headed to Jewel, so I could cash in my stickers for a free pan. Our Jewel was out of them yesterday, so we drove to a further store today. There were out, too. 😦 I’m on a waiting list if they get any more in today. I’m not planning on getting one. 😦 Oh well.

I need to get going on my bathroom quick cleaning and get ready to go pick up Iris. Stapes just emailed me to say my order of Coffee-Mate creamer packets (50 count) that I ordered online for FREE with a coupon code are in. So, I need to head over there some time and grab those as well. 

I received my box from Coffee-Mate yesterday for my Free Flavor Friday coffee party on February 4. Very cool! I received an apron, a silicone heart-shaped mold pan (6 molds on it), cups and napkins, samples of creamer and instant coffee, a leather recipe book (this was awesome!), and a bunch of coupons to hand out for free coffee creamer! I’m pumped now about this party. I have 4 confirmed adults and 2 kids. Hopefully I’ll have a few more. Should be lots of fun. If you are interested, it’s Friday, February 4 from 9:30am to 12pm at my house. Email me if you’d like to come, so I can send you a formal Coffee-Mate email invite to reply to. 


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