Pink Eye!

I think Addy has pink eye. What a bummer! BUT, that would explain why she didn’t sleep well on Friday night and was tired and crabby all day yesterday. She woke up from her nap with gunk in her eyes, and I started thinking about pink eye. Then, this morning she woke up with all the crusty gunk, so I’m pretty sure that’s it. Her eyes (both, unfortunately) are swollen and the whites are now reddish. Poor baby! She’s actually in a much better mood today, though, so I’m hoping the awful feeling for her is over and it’s just the visible redness left. 

I actually have some drops left from Lily’s pink eye last year. I know, I know…you’re not supposed to share eye drops. BUT, I know I don’t ever touch their eye or lashes with the bottle, so I started using them on Addy yesterday afternoon and again this morning. If it is clearing up by tomorrow, I won’t even bother calling the doctor. It’d be such a pain to go and get any medicine for her today. It’s freezing out, and Arthur’s working, so we’d all have to go. A neighbor down the street offered, but I’m not ready to call the doctor just yet. I’m really laid back on calling the doctor. That neighbor told me about warm, moist tea bags on the eyes as soothing or a remedy. I’ll probably try some of those soothing ideas and continue with the drops for the day and tomorrow morning. If it’s not clearing up, we’ll call the doctor first thing in the morning. The drops should clear up the bacterial part of it, and the compresses should help with the swelling and any irritation. 

Let’s just hope Iris and Lily don’t get it…..AH!

We ended up missing small group last night. I’m glad we didn’t go, though, since Addy’s eyes look like that. There would have been other kids there, and I would have hated for them to wake up with it, too! Arthur didn’t end up getting home until after 7, anyway, so we would have been very late to the group. He didn’t get out at 5 like he was scheduled. No shocker there. 🙂

Sheets were changed and baths were given last night. I’m trying to keep all the bedding germ-free, so we can get rid of this quickly. Since Addy slept with us Friday night, I changed our sheets and pillowcases, too….just in case. 

It’s snowing AGAIN today and freezing, so I’m ok with being stuck inside. I do feel sad we’re going to miss church, though. 

I have bbq ribs in the crockpot (since 7 AM), that’ll be ready at 5pm for dinner. The Bears/Packers game starts at 1 PM, but Arthur won’t be out of work by then. He’s kind of bummed that he’ll miss at least part of the game. I’m hoping there’s nothing going on at work today, and he can at least get out at 2PM and catch some of it.

I picked out the curriculum for Iris yesterday afternoon. I emailed my sister (former Kindergarten teacher) to see if she could give an opinion on it before I order it. I’m really excited! I also found out the Museum of Science and Industry offers free admission to homeschool students and parents (any group size) Monday through Friday during the school year. That’s awesome! 

Tuesday night is the homeschool vendor fair for a group nearby. Hopefully Arthur and I can get out to that sans kids and really get to see what there is available for us next year. Then, I can meet the homeschool group coordinator, too, and pick her brain. 🙂

I really need to get a shower and start on my pantry inventory, but maybe I should just take it easy today. I read my Bible for a little while yesterday (after complaining in my posts!) and really felt convicted about how I was acting about things. I was praying for patience then turned right around and snapped at Iris. 

It seems that when I don’t try and I just become complacent, things are easy. But, I guess that’s because Satan is fine with me, then; he doesn’t care to bother me because I’m not making an effort to draw closer to God. Then, when I TRY and become motivated to change things go nuts! When I try is when I find the most obstacles; I guess that makes sense, though. I’m not a threat to Satan if I’m not doing anything; he’s only concerned with bothering me if I’m making an effort to do right.

I really have the wrong attitude about things sometimes, and I am determined to change that. I know God wants more from me; He knows I’m capable of more. And He deserves so much more from me. 

I know everyone always quotes the verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” but it just kept coming to mind yesterday. I CAN do anything with Christ’s help. Pastor’s sermon point from last week (out of Proverbs 16:3) about committing our plans to God before carrying them out has really stuck with me. Maybe I’m not changing because I haven’t brought my desires to God FIRST and then asked for His help. I just tell Him what I want and ask Him to change me. I need a game plan for what I desire, and I need to make sure it’s HIS game plan as well. Then, I can commit it all to Him and follow His lead. 

Now that I’ve got the order of things down, I am hoping I will be more productive with change. Of course, I know it’ll only get harder and more obstacles and trying times will arise, but at least I know I’ve planned it out with God and am in His will.


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