We are having a BOY! I cannot believe it! I’m still a little in shock. Arthur is overjoyed, and the girls are excited to have a little brother. Since we decided this is our last child, I am very thrilled to have a boy. 

Now, I get to go buy a bunch of boy things! And, I can finally get rid of a lot of the baby and smaller sized girl clothes we have! Yay! 

He is growing well and his measurements are right on for his due date, so that is great news, too. He didn’t cooperate yesterday for a good ultrasound picture of his profile, so we have a bunch of him upside down and of his boy parts (Arthur did not believe the ultrasound tech until she pointed it out and printed out a couple pictures of it!) and one weird picture of his skull. It kind of looks creepy. šŸ™‚

Arthur IV is most likely going to be his name. I started referring to him as “Baby Artie” with the girls. Addy said “Artie” this morning for me. šŸ™‚ I just can’t explain how excited I am. Addy’s going to looooove having a baby around; of course, that’ll be after she gets over her jealousy when he arrives! Ha! Iris and Lily will be BIG helps this time around, so I am happy for that as well. 

Hoping to have Addy on her way to potty training in the next few weeks. She enjoys sitting on the potty chair and actually went potty in it this morning, but I am hoping she makes more of a connection and continues to enjoy doing it. Two in diapers is expensive, as we know from previous experience. Getting down to just the baby in diapers would be fantastic!


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