"This is Y."

I didn’t make up that title. It’s from the YMCA. So many different ways to use that phrase, though. The girl at the check-in counter at the YMCA is pregnant and said she could not wear their long-sleeve t-shirts that had that slogan on it because they made her sweaty. She said, “This is Y I’m hot and sweaty.” 🙂

We joined the YMCA yesterday. Every January they run their $0 joiner fee special, so we waited til this month to join. Yes, we are cheap….I prefer “frugal.” LOL.

So, they have a TON of great and FREE things to do there! Pre/post-natal aquatics, nursery/childcare while you exercise, Family Adventure Center, family nights, open swim, exercise equipment and some classes, amazing locker rooms, and more! Sounds like I’m advertising for them. Hahaha. We already went yesterday and took the girls to the adventure center. I am exhausted! They have tunnels and slides and obstacle course type things, as well as air hockey, ping-pong, and Wii play stations. Arthur went this morning to swim and bike for his cross-training. I would like to sign up for the pre-natal aquatics soon, but I need to get a maternity bathing suit first. Ugh. I dislike buying maternity clothes because of how short the time is before I grow out of it.

I am also excited to be able to drop off the girls with other kids and teachers for a little bit, so they can have free play and I can have a break. 🙂

Speaking of no break from children….

We have decided I will homeschool Iris for kindergarten next year. Do I sound crazy yet? 🙂 With the cost of Christian schooling and the uncertainty of when we will be able to move out of here (and then would have to switch to a different school if we live too far away), we know that homeschooling is best for next year. If the year goes well, then we’ll consider the following year; at that point, Iris would be doing 1st grade work and Lily would be doing kindergarten, so they can learn together for the most part. 

I have been researching curriculum and local Christian homeschooling groups and all the opportunities we’ll have to experience things and places with her. The YMCA being one of those. Because we’ll be home all day, we can fit in the physical education while the other kids are in school. We can do it any time of the day! There’s just so much flexibility with homeschooling. Plus, I like the idea of teaching my girls. I will know exactly what they’re learning, how fast/slow they’re learning it, and I can incorporate as much Bible into it as I want (which will be a lot, I hope).

I haven’t ordered anything; still waiting for a few more catalogs to come. And I haven’t told my parents yet; I keep forgetting to call and let them know. I’ve been so busy researching everything. I think only one of our friends knows. 

The girls and I are reading Stuart Little (the REAL book, not a picture book) together. We have about 30 pages left. We flew through it! I was surprised at how well they enjoy it….even without a picture for every part of the story. 🙂 Up next, we are going to read Charlotte’s Web. After that, we will start the Little House series. I like the idea of them using imagination more while we read, instead of relying on the pictures or the movie version of the book. 

Happy reading everyone!


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