A Quick Morning Post

I have a big headache this morning. I’d like to just sit here all morning and do nothing. Can’t do that, though. 

I found, in another Mom’s blog, a free ebook called “Just Get ’em Fed”. It was very interesting. A mom of 9 wrote it about her struggle to find balance in feeding her family; she included several great recipes at the end, which I was very happy to see. I love new/simple/healthy recipes. Go HERE if you’d like to see her blog and download the book. I saved it to the desktop for quick reference. 🙂 I actually used her recipe for Breakfast Casserole when I made dinner last night. 

Speaking of last night, I think this is where my headache stems from. Our church is renovating and needed folks to help finish the project. So, as a family, we went over to help. The girls played and watched a movie with their friend, while the adults painted. I stood on a ladder and painted around the lights. I didn’t mind it at first, even though my husband asked if I should be on a ladder while pregnant. I was fine for the first hour, then my back started to hurt and there was one light that has a faint strobe light thing happening. When you’re standing on a ladder just inches from the flashing light, it gets trippy. I started to get a little light-headed, so I slowed down. I was definitely ready to go when we left after 2 1/2 hours there. I don’t feel like I got a whole lot down for the church, but this morning my body is saying I did enough! 🙂 Why do all these interesting or helpful things come up when I’m pregnant??? I would be so much more useful (and faster) if I didn’t have the body aches from pregnancy. Oh well. I hope they are able to finish the project quickly. I know it’s become a huge ordeal and a couple of the folks are there practically every night to work on it. I can’t imagine how tiring that must be! They have good hearts, and I know their work is appreciated. 

Today, only Iris has school, so the other two are with me for groceries. I finished all the laundry on Monday! That’s was the first time in quite a while that it all got done in one day. Arthur was home in the morning, so I got a late start to everything (it always happens that way when he’s home!), but I got all 7 loads done before 10pm. The last 2 loads were dried and folded but not put away, so I made sure to put them away first thing yesterday morning. What a relief that is! 

Grocery shopping should be interesting. It said it was 1 degree (without wind chill factored in), so we will be super bundled when we go out. I need to bring lots of snacks so I don’t run out of energy lifting them in and out of the car!

Arthur has an MRI tonight. Pray for him, please. His hip has been hurting him, especially when he runs, and he is hoping it’s just soreness. The doctor did tell him she thought he had weak hips, so he was bummed to hear that. Hopefully the MRI doesn’t show anything abnormal and he can just work to strengthen his hip through exercise.  He continues to run, but I know he’d like to have an answer and to not be sore anymore. 

This Sunday is our church’s Christmas program in the evening. I get to do a reading! 🙂 I wanted to be part of the Christmas choir, but will illnesses last Sunday evening and all last week, I wasn’t able to get out to the practice(s). So, I am happy to do a reading for the service. If you’re interested, it’s at New Hope Community Church in Palatine from 6pm to 7pm. 

Before Sunday, though, we are so busy. Saturday morning is my Grandparents’ Christmas Breakfast. Santa visits there for the great-grandkids, so that’ll be fun. 🙂 Then, Saturday evening, we are going to Chicago to walk around and for dinner with 2 of my brothers and their wives as well as my cousin and her husband. That should be fun; we don’t get to do anything as couples hardly ever, so it’ll be fun to be without our kids for a couple hours. Except, I feel bad my parents will be watching my kids. Not sure if they’re watching the other 5 kids, too, but I am hoping they have help if they are!

I felt the baby move for the first time the other night! It was very exciting. I’m 15 1/2 weeks, so I knew it would be soon since I now know the difference between gas and the baby fluttering. 🙂 It was awesome. Every time I feel the first movements when I’m pregnant, I just think about how crazy it would be to think life just happens. There’s so much going on in my belly right now, I can’t imagine anything other than God as the source of life, the Designer of life’s creation. So neat!

Time to get moving! The clean dishes in the dishwasher are calling my name, as well as the dog who is sitting here staring at me to take him out. The shower is calling me, and so are the bags of clothes and toys we are donating to the National Children’s Cancer Society. They’ll be here some time after 8:30 to pick it all up, so I better get it outside. Busy, busy. Story of my life, but I love it. Keeps me from getting bored, I guess. 🙂

Yesterday, I called the elderly folks I’ve been “assigned” to.  I was able to speak with only one. She was so positive. She is in a assisted living home now, but she was very positive and her only prayer request was for patience. Amazing. She has health issues, can’t get out for church or even to run her errands, but she just wants me to pray for her patience! Makes me think my complaints about having errands to run seem so wrong. I should be happy I can get out and do things and not have to rely on someone. Independence is a great thing, especially if you’ve experienced and can no longer. 

Have a great Wednesday!


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