Summertime Sickness

First, let me say that the garage went soooo well!!! I was worried about having help throughout the day, but we didn’t run out of help at all! Several people showed up to set up around 8 AM (which I know is SUPER early for some folks….especially those who work Mon-Fri and have no kids. lol). Then, there were 4 of us that stayed all day. It was so great. We had so many people stop by and sold quite a lot of things. We ended up having a lot left over as well, but helpers came back at the end to load up vehicles and transport everything to WINGS’ warehouse. Hopefully they can profit from all the leftover stuff!

Now, on to not so great things….my girls are sick. 😦 Two had fevers during the week, which made for a really exciting time trying to get things organized for the Sale. Then yesterday, while at Grandma’s house, my oldest had a fever and now the other two have developed runny noses and watery eyes. I assume my oldest will have that as well in a few days. So, we will be home from church today. 😦 I’m bummed because I wanted to be there when they announced that the sale went well. I was so excited to see we made a profit to help out the ministries at church, but I won’t be there to share in the excitement with the congregation. Oh well, it was still a great day yesterday!


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