**Walmart’s School Supplies Deals**

Ran to Walmart today for a few things and fell in love with their school supply aisles. 🙂 I knew they had the glue sticks on sale (2-pack for $.25), but I didn’t realize how much else they had for sale!! With 2 girls in preschool this coming Fall, I figured I’d grab the glue sticks now for a quarter instead of when they’re back over $1.

Well, I also had to grab 2 paints for our church garage sale sign. They were only $1.97 a piece for the big bottles, so I went a little overboard with the school supplies since I had $13 on me! I ended up paying $8.07 (including our crazy 10% tax!) for:

2 pair kid scissors (1 sharp tip, 1 blunt tip) – $.75 each
2 composition notebooks – $.50 each
2 wire notebooks – $.15 each
2 double packs of disappearing purple glue sticks (4 total) – $.25 each
2 packs of 24 ct Crayonart crayons – $.25 each
1 bottle Elmer’s School Glue – $.25
2 large bottles of acrylic paint (1 black, 1 red) – $1.97.

I felt good walking out. I didn’t use any coupons…..first time in a LOOOOONG time I’ve done that. But it was a nice reward for us. Ok, so school supplies aren’t usually considered a reward. But in a couple years when all 3 of my girls are in school and my oldest is required to bring more than just glue, I’ll be glad I picked up a few extra things during the sales!

On a different note, I painted the church garage sale sign today. I’m no artist, and I definitely don’t have a steady hand BUT I was happy with how it turned out. I bought the stencils for the lettering but ended up just doing it free hand. The stencils kept moving and I was getting irritated.

Hoping everyone sees the sign from the street and comes to our sale!!!

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