DiGiorno Deep Dish

DiGiorno sent me another coupon for a free product. This time the coupon was for a Free Deep Dish Pizza. The only come in single-serving boxes (sadly). I chose the Four Cheese Deep Dish Pizza and cooked it in my conventional oven. The directions indicated to bake for 28-32 minutes. I got to 32 minutes and the outer parts were definitely heated and the cheese melted, but the center cheese was still in it’s shredded form and not melted. I put my finger through the cheese and noticed the sauce and crust in the middle was just barely warm. I didn’t heat it any longer for fear that the outer parts would burn.

The flavor was really good. DiGiorno has surprised me with their flavors. The Four Cheese was very cheesy. And we love cheese in our house, so that worked out well for me. šŸ™‚ I really like DiGiorno pizza crusts. They aren’t too dry but they also don’t get soggy from the sauce.They’re sorta flaky but not to the point of falling apart when you try to eat it. I am not a fan of a lot of sauce, so DiGiorno pizzas are really great on that for me. They put just enough sauce to moisten the top of the crust but not so much that the sauce is pouring out all over after the first bite.

Overall, the pizza was pretty good. I think next time I’d lower the recommended oven temp and cook it for just a little longer to melt the cheese in the middle. And I wish they had a regular size deep dish product, instead of just the individual serving size. Because at $2.50 each (1 per box….and $2.50 on sale!), I don’t think I’d purchase them on a regular basis. That’s too much for my budget to buy and feed only 1 person!

Click here to go to the nutritional information on the pizza I ate. Thanks!


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