Movie Night

I had movie night tonight with the girls. We had a pizza picnic in the living room while we watched Shrek the Third. Normally, I would NOT let them eat dinner on the floor in the living room, but I figured we could do something fun since we were without Dad tonight and they were slightly bummed about that.

After we ate, my 2 year old came over by me and said “I lub zu mama”. I almost cried. I didn’t even initiate it, she just came over to tell me. It was the sweetest thing ever.

I am constantly amazed by my children. They can frustrate me to no end some days; then other days they are the most thoughtful and sweet girls. They really know how to push my buttons while we’re out running errands, but I really love when they calm down while we relax at home. My oldest is a know-it-all (at 3! I thought for sure that wasn’t coming until the teenage years!), but she can say the silliest things sometimes and we laugh so hard! My 2 year old is really coming into her own lately, and she really enjoys conversation instead of just playing. While we drive to the store or wherever, she asks some thought-provoking questions or makes up scenarios for whatever she catches a glimpse at as we drive by. Her creativity overwhelms me, and I just can’t wait to see how she’ll use that in the next few years in school. My ‘baby’ who just turned 1 has developed quite a personality and really became a Daddy’s girl over the last few weeks. Even though she whines when I’m not around, she has such a joyous and excited expression when Daddy gets home or is playing with the older 2. She really wants to crawl over there and lie on him. It is adorable to see him interact with them….sometimes looking to me for translation of their phrases or stories. šŸ™‚

For all the worries we have as adults, our kids are so carefree and loving life…..which is exactly how I believe it should be. They love people and animals and everything. They have their moments of crying when they’re hurt or upset or angry, but give them 2 minutes and they are back to their amazement of the world. They don’t hold grudges, don’t care what others think about them or their appearance, don’t pay attention to all the dirt and germs that sometimes drive me crazy trying to clean up. They just love life. I hope my children are always loving life and loving everything life has to offer.


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