Nivea at CVS; Scrubbing Bubbles at Target

CVS has a sale on Nivea body wash and shower gel this week, as well as Nivea lip care. I bought 3 Nivea 16 ounce body washes and 1 Cherry Lip Balm for around $16. I used 3 of the $4 off for each of the body wash and 1 of the $1 off for the lip balm. Because I reached $15 pre-coupons, I got 5 ECB’s back. So, I paid $6.39 (for items and tax) and got 5 back! 3 body washes and a lip balm for $1.39….not bad!

Later, I plan to head to Target to buy 2 of the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean bottles that are on sale for $7.99; I will use two $5 off coupons and pay around $7 and get two $5 gift cards back. I plan to use that $10 to get my girls some shorts. Seems we go through them soooo fast….and Mondays are the day Target moves kid clothing to clearance (or already clearance items move up in clearnance percentage – 30% now 50%). Hoping to get a few pairs for my older girls.

Happy Monday!


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