Time Off

I didn’t realize how much of a stickler I am about routine until my husband took some time off this month. Yikes! I liked to think that I was go-with-the-flow and kind of just did whatever we wanted each day, other than on preschool days. I guess I was wrong. I am exactly the opposite – I have a mental schedule that I stick to very strictly and boy am I a grouch when we deviate from that schedule!

For a while I was following the FlyLady (www.flylady.net) with regard to my cleaning and organizing schedules. She has a lot of great information for organization and time management when it comes to keeping the home clean….and by clean I mean SPOTLESS. I became pretty obsessed with cleaning for a little while, until I realized that maybe her schedules didn’t fit a family of 5, including a very new newborn. So, I dropped her schedule, though I continue to receive her emails – guess I couldn’t completely let go of that addiction. 🙂

Next, I tried to keep a few tips of FlyLady’s and incorporate them into my own schedule. That worked, but then I fell into some sort of funk during the winter months because we were stuck inside a lot due to weather. I felt like I was cleaning the same things every other day….and they weren’t even dirty! I gave up on that because it just made me angry.

And now, I keep no cleaning schedule (on paper, anyway). I just clean as needed and do a good deep-clean weekly or when I can get to it. At least, I THOUGHT that’s how I was doing it. I guess not.

My husband’s first day off last week was laundry day. I thought I was going to blow a fuse because I couldn’t get as much done as I normally can on a Monday. I made the mistake, though, of verbalizing that and hurt his feelings. I made it seem like I didn’t even want him home! The rest of last week is a blur because I was rushing around buying food and preparing for my youngest’s first birthday parties (yes, she had 2 of them. ugh.). I overspent on the food because I was unprepared for the shopping and I was rushing around last minute trying to put together the cakes and packing and cleaning. We ended up in Indiana Thurs-Sat, so I wasn’t going to have time to clean before the 2nd party here on Sunday. I didn’t plan out my week well, so I spent Thursday morning running around and crying. Yes, crying. My husband probably thought I was nuts. I was crying because Dominick’s didn’t have peppers on sale, and I spent $6 for 3 peppers. I still think that’s a ridiculous amount of money, but I needed them. I was just so frustrated, and the peppers were the last straw. I was able to get it together in time to go and enjoy some time at my parents’ house this weekend. I had a mini-meltdown Sunday when the rice just wouldn’t cook! Crunchy rice doesn’t make for a very nice Arroz con Pollo. I guess that’s what I get for trying so hard. Should have stuck with the simple – hot dogs and hamburgers.

Anyway, today he’s back at work for a half day then has tomorrow and Friday off before going back to his regular schedule. I am learning much about myself. I am a huge grouch when I can’t do what I want to do. Go figure. I suppose my parents could’ve told me that one. 🙂 I think I will be upset with myself for not enjoying this time off more, but I will also enjoy getting “back to normal.” I think we’ll have a few months before he has several days off again. And I’m sure by then I’ll be griping about having to do everything myself because of his work schedule.

I wish I could just turn off my scheduled self when I needed to, to just enjoy my family and our time together. We did have a lot of fun. Went to the Museum of Science and Industry last Wednesday. The girls got to see and do a lot of things. It was fun to watch them explore and process and just observe all the things out there. I had a great time with both sides of the family for the parties. My Baby is 1 year old now! I can’t believe it. I baby her a lot still, but I guess she’s really growing up fast.

Now, if I could just get her to sleep in her own bed through the night…..(ya, don’t get me started on that one. there might be tears…)


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