Meringue Madness

So, I made a Lemon Meringue pie for the first time last week. I had made a lemon pie with whipped cream topping before, but this was my first official meringue. I did not take a picture of it. Wish I had.

I assumed meringue stiffened as quickly as whipped cream, but for me it did not. I have seen it made a number of times and was fairly confident I could tackle it quickly. WRONG. The first one I made last Friday turned out okay, then browned nicely in the oven but did not really look fluffy. Then, as it was resting to set it just didn’t look that pretty and when I moved the pie dish, it jiggled even after a couple hours. I finally cut a piece of it and noticed it was not set completely and that the meringue tasted fine just didn’t look very pretty. I made a second one that evening, and it was much better. The meringue fluffed up well, browned nicely and the pie set pretty quickly also. I had to refrigerate it, though, because it wasn’t being picked up until the following morning. Well, the cold made the meringue fall and it started to crack. Boo. 😦 Another not-so-pretty meringue. Turned out it tasted good, according to the customer. PHEW! I was nervous that even though I assured her it tasted fine just didn’t look real pretty that it would end up being awful. I was wrong again, but this time being wrong turned out to be a good thing!

I am not all that excited for any more meringue orders to come in, but I guess that would give me another chance to master it.

Slow week since then. No orders. Anyone interested? My daughter’s on Spring Break, so we’ll have less driving around to do this week, which will leave more time for baking!

Email or call me if there’s anything you’re interested in. I am open to working out a sampler package for the muffins, if that’s something you’re looking for. And if you need a pie for Easter, let me know soon. I will be out of town on Easter Sunday, but I can definitely bake the days leading up to that Sunday and get them to you on Saturday. Thanks!


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