This morning I read a great blog about our true identity and how we can feel lost as to who we are because of the many different people we have to be – mother, wife, friend, employee, etc. The last thing it said was “I am the daughter of The King”. What a great thing to always be thinking. Not just the daughter of A king, but The King. The One who controls it all, knows it all, loves us all. And I’m not just a friend of His or a fan, but I’m His Child. Amazing! He doesn’t just think of me occasionally, He is always thinking of me and guiding me and helping me. I cannot comprehend WHY, but I am forever grateful. Anything I need, I can ask of Him. Anything I want, I can ask of Him – I may not necessarily get it, but He wants me to ask. He WANTS to hear me talk to Him, to sing to Him, to think about Him, to talk to others about Him. And even if I don’t, He’ll still love me. But how could I NOT do those simple things for Him when He does EVERYTHING for me?!

It is a nice reminder for me today…..to stop thinking of myself and to think of Him. Of what He’s given me, of what He’s made me. I am nothing without Him; I have no idea where I’d be without His saving grace, but I know it would not be pleasant. I cannot imagine going through life without Him.

I hear a belief in God is a crutch. YOU BET IT IS! If I didn’t have the crutch of God, I’d be lying on the ground! 🙂 I would not make it through life. So, call it what you will, but My God provides, protects, and persists in loving me. And I couldn’t ask for more….He is all I need!


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