Mastering the Merchants

I have finally figured out groceries. I say finally because I have consistently spent $100 (give or take a few dollars) for 3 weeks in a row. That’s down $50 a week for me! And that includes food, paper products, toiletries and all baby needs! Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m awesome! LOL.

This mastery didn’t come easy, though; I had to read several different books, join a few websites (which means sifting through a million junk emails), and read many, many blogs. But it was well worth it. I feel like I know something amazing that not many people know…and no, it’s that you buy less! That’s the amazing part; you still buy a lot, you just pay less. Coupons are my new bestest friend, and so are store deals that match my coupons.

I spent $103.53 today at 2 different stores and brought home more than enough groceries for the week and plenty of diapers! My purchases included brand names; in fact, everything was a major brand except for 2 items. Not that I need specific brands, but it’s nice to know there are ways around brand pricing. I got most of my big name brands for less than the store brand price. I did forget about a little over $3 of coupons in my purse at checkout, so that would’ve put me UNDER $100. I got flustered and wasn’t prepared when we got to the register; I was so angry when I got in the car. But, that just means I can save those coupons for when prices are even lower, and maybe walk away with some items for free!

In a little while, I’m rewarding myself by driving over to CVS and using my $1.00 Trident Layers coupon….that item is on sale at CVS for $.99. That means it’s free for me! Wonder if they’ll give me the $.01 I made on the purchase to use for next week’s purchases…


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