Every week, I set aside almost an hour to organize coupons, make a list, and map out my grocery shopping with the weekly ads. Up until today, I assumed almost everyone did this. Nope. Apparently I am the biggest nerd. 🙂

I will say, though, that my nerdiness and time-consuming grocery organization has saved me bundles. Last Friday, I was able to purchase 7 days worth of groceries and diapers for $102! For around here and a family of 5, that’s awesome! I haven’t scored like that in a while. $150 is my weekly budget, but some weeks I go shopping while I’m hungry or go down aisles I can’t control myself in (lol), and I end up spending all $150 or more for what seems like a few groceries. I always wonder where the money went on weeks like that.

When I take the time (even if I feel like I am going to DIE if I have to rewrite the list one more time!) to plan it all out and do some digging to find online or paper coupons, it is sooooo worth it. I don’t know how folks do it without planning…I would go nuts! So, of all my habits, I guess coupon clipping and Ad comparison aren’t so bad. Maybe the money I’ve saved each week can go toward some therapy for my other crazy habits!


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