A Preview of My Pieces

So, the pictures above are just of different breads or pies or cakes that I’ve done for my family. I have finally taken some photos of my work and thought I’d share. Here’s a description of each:

The first is pumpkin bread I made for our family’s get-together this Thanksgiving. I can make it with or without walnuts. This one was without.

The second and third are the pies I made for our Thanksgiving – pumpkin and apple, respectively. The apple pie was my first lattice-topped pie. I thought it turned out pretty well. I will be trying to do a woven lattice the next time….it’s a little more difficult, so I thought I’d try the easier version first. Both pies’ crusts are homemade.

The next is a batch of pumpkin muffins with cinnamon/sugar topping. These I made while fooling around with the pumpkin bread recipe and incorporating a pumpkin muffin recipe I found online. It’s actually a recipe for muffins tops, but I made it for the whole muffin and they turn out to be pretty decent size muffins! We took some for snack foods while we attended the Chicago Marathon this October.

The 3 cakes are ones I made for my daughters – a Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday cake, a purse cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, and a butterfly cake for another daughter’s 2nd birthday. All were fairly easy and I used boxed cake mixes. I figured I was spending enough time designing them, that I would take the simple route with the mix. 🙂

The last photo is of an apple pie with a crumb topping. That is my favorite top for an apple pie; I make it like that almost every time. The bottom crust on this is also homemade.

I’m always trying to take more pictures of my baking creations. Hopefully, I’ll have more of my rolls – cinnamon and dinner – soon.


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