Thinking Ahead

So, the holidays are right around the corner. Are you ready? Maybe I can help…

Are you having company stay with you? How about ordering some cinnamon rolls to serve warm to them for breakfast? I’ll even let you take the credit for them if you want. 🙂 I will prepare them as brown and serve, so all you have to do is warm them up! Or banana muffins, blueberry muffins, bran muffins….all kinds to serve the different tastes of your guests!

What about holiday dinners? Do you plan to serve rolls? I can prepare and freeze dinner rolls for you. All you have to do is heat them until browned from frozen. Easy.

What about leftovers that you’ll make sandwiches with? I can get you homemade loaves of bread to make those sandwiches! Honey wheat bread with leftover turkey? Mmmm.

Snacks, dessert…….what about banana bread or pumpkin muffins?!

If you’d like to order something for the upcoming holidays – parties, guests, dinners, etc – just let me know! Give me a date and time and I’ll have it there for you!

I’m also working on offering a muffin variety package….a dozen muffins, but a couple different kinds instead of just one flavor. Email me if you’re interested. We can work out the details!



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